Electronic Design

Linear Sensor Arrays Scan A6-Size Documents

Two 200-dots-per-inch (DPI) linear sensor arrays operate with a 5-MHz clock maximum. Measuring 112 mm in length, the TSL2014 896x1 device is designed for scanning standard A6 format-size documents such as bank documents, paper currency notes, and labels. The TSL210 640x1 device measures 80 mm in length. The arrays come in 10-pin (TSL2014) and 18-pin (TSL210) glass-epoxy-substrate packages with cover glass. The TSL210 can be configured in serial mode, forming a contiguous 640-pixel array, or in parallel mode with five outputs of 128 pixels each running on a common clock. The TSL2014 comprises two sections of 448 pixels in parallel mode or a contiguous array of 896 pixels in serial mode. In 1000-piece quantities, the TSL2014 and TSL210 are priced at $35.39 and $27.48 each, respectively.

www.taosinc.com; (972) 673-0759

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