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Liquid System Offers Precise Temperature Control

The LCS20 liquid-to-liquid cooling system delivers temperature controlled liquid to process equipment within a precise tolerance of ±0.5°, and removes up to 20 kW of excess heat. This waste heat transfers to facility water via a liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger, which removes heat rather than rejecting it to the ambient air. A process-cooling loop in the system is completely separate from the facility water, therefore the equipment being cooled is protected from facility water contaminants. The system also protects equipment from variations in the temperature and flow rate of the facility water. In contrast to direct cooling systems using water, the LCS20 process-fluid temperature can be set above the room’s dew point, preventing condensation on the equipment. Additionally, the unit is ETL tested to UL 61010A-1 and CE certification is available on request. LYTRON, Woburn, MA. (781) 933-7300.

Company: LYTRON

Product URL: Click here for more information

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