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Long-Life Rotary Sensors Measure Up To 100 Turns

Novotechnik_ML-AAThe ML Series of rotary sensors from Novotechnik U.S. measure angle up to 100 turns, or 36,000° of mechanical travel. The sensors feature a lifetime of over 15 million turns. Five models comprise the series, each optimized for their maximum 6, 10, 25, 50, or 100 turns. Repeatability measures to ±0.01%, and independent linearity drops as low as ±0.25%. Electrical ranges are 0° to 2160°, 3240°, 8280°, 17,280°, or 34,560°. Depending on the model, maximum resistance is either 5 or 10 kΩ. Temperature coefficient is 5 ppm/K; operating temperature ranges from -25 to +75°C. The sensors measure from 62.2 to 102.2 mm in length; all have a 13-mm width. Shaft diameter is 6 mm, with a 10-mm bushing mount.


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