Long-Life Side-Actuated Switch Reinforces Shear Resistance

Long-Life Side-Actuated Switch Reinforces Shear Resistance

A small footprint and up-to-100,000-cycle lifetime combined with strong shear resistance suit the PTS 840 side-actuated switch for space-constrained applications such as nomad devices, remote controls, personal-health diagnostic systems, and consumer electronics. Developed by C&K Components, the surface-mountable device comes with shear-resisting front PIP leads. In fact, the momentary action of the switches with J-, G-, and front PIP-type terminals can withstand contact resistances of under 500 mΩ and insulation resistances of over 100 mΩ. The PTS 480 measures 3.5 by 3.55 mm, with a travel path of 0.2 mm + 0.2 mm / −0.1 mm. There is an optional electrostatic-discharge (ESD) pin. Bounce time is less than 10 ms. Operating temperature ranges from −40° to 85°C.


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