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Low-Cost Accelerometers Take Small Structure Readings

A flat frequency response to 10 kHz (±1 dB) is featured in the Model 256HX accelerometer, a low-cost unit designed specifically for making shock and vibration measurements on small structures. The compact unit’s mass of just 4.2 grams effectively minimizes mass loading effects typically seen when using larger accelerometers for such tasks.The unit is based on the firm’s Piezite type P-8 crystal element operating in annular shear mode. The result is said to be excellent thermal transient stability, as well as low base strain sensitivity and stable output over time. A built-in, low-noise microelectronic amplifier transmits a low-impedance output voltage through the same two-wire interface that supplies constant-current power. Versions are offered with 10 mV/g and 100 mV/g output sensitivity.


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