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Low-Cost Load Cells Seek OEM Apps

Unique Microfused technology claims responsibility for a family of low-cost load cells that will allow users to integrate direct-force measurement in many OEM applications where the technology had previously been too expensive. The technology involves fusing silicon strain gages at high temperature with inorganic glass to the load-measuring member. This glass bonding process eliminates the instabilities common to conventional epoxy bonded strain gages, creating a more durable and stable sensor. The long-term drift, zero and span combined total is specified as 1% over the first 12 months and another 1% for the life of the sensor. Four standard compression packages are available off the shelf or as templates. Standard ranges from 750g to 2,000 lbs. are available with either mV or amplified outputs. Pricing is as low as $5 each in high volume. MEASUREMENT SPECIALTIES INC., Hampton VA. (800) 745-8008.


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