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Low-Cost OCXOs Sport High-End Stability, Wide Frequency Range

The OX-2000 series oven-controlled oscillators (OCXOs) boast of being more stable than higher-cost temperature-controlled oscillators (TCXOs). Available in frequencies ranging from 1 MHz to 160 MHz in a 14-pin DIP, the devices meet ANSI Stratum-3 requirements, including a ±4.6-ppm stability over their lifetime, and a ±0.37 ppm over a holdover period that includes variations in temperature, supply voltage, load variations, and 24-hr. aging.
The devices measure less than 10-mm high for 1 MHz to 60 MHz devices and less than 12.7 mm for frequencies up to 160 MHz. Pricing starts at $50 each in OEM quantities with delivery times of 12 weeks ARO.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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