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Low-Cost Reed Sensors Consume Zero Power

Through use of magnetic activation technology, the MP series reed sensors are operable without the use of electrical power. The omnipolar devices can be activated from either a north or south pole magnet, which can approach the sensor from virtually any angle.
Hermetically-sealed to achieve long life and resistant to moisture and dirt, the MP Series is available in three different package styles: the MP2007 features a cylindrical threaded black anodized aluminum housing measuring 1" long and having external 15/32 - 32 TPI threads; the MP2017 has a cylindrical, 30% glass-filled polyester housing measuring 1" long x 0.243" in diameter; and the MP2018 has a rectangular, flange-mount, 30% glass-filled polyester housing with a total footprint of 0.906" x 0.55". The devices are suitable for use in a variety of commercial and consumer products. And typical pricing ranges from $1.40 to $5.00 each/5,000.


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