Electronic Design

Low-Cost Thermal Gap Fillers Deliver High Performance

According to their maker, the TP-S30 thermal interface pads provide 3 W/mK of thermal conductivity between components and heat sinks at lower costs than other gap fillers. The pads are soft and compliant for easy compression and filling of gaps to optimize heat transfer. Apps include alternative energy, consumer electronics, telecom, power supplies, flat-panel displays, and portables. TP-S series gap fillers come in 210 mm x 297 mm sheets or in standard die cut shapes as well as custom shapes. Standard materials have a Shore 00 hardness of 45. Standard thicknesses range from 0.5 mm to 5 mm and all materials are UL94 V0 rated and specify an operating temperature of -60°C to +200° C. Pricing starts at $0.07 per square inch. MH&W INTERNATIONAL CORP., Mahwah, NJ. (201) 891-8800.


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