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Low-ESR Tantulum Chip Capacitors Provide High Ripple Current

The TPS Series III tantulum chip capacitors feature superior electrical characteristics. These devices offer low ESR and a wide voltage range. They also provide excellent stability and high reliability at a low cost. The capacitors utilize MnO2 technology in conjunction with tantulum dielectric to fulfill the requirements of switch-mode power-supply, microprocessor, and digital circuit applications.

The capacitors boast unique temperature characteristics. Unlike polymer counter-electrode systems, MnO2 is used as the counter-electrode material in these tantulum capacitors. Thus, conductivity increases as temperature increases, yielding lower ESR at elevated temperatures. The devices feature a voltage range of 4 to 50 V and a maximum capacitance value of 1000 µF. Standard capacitance tolerances are ±10% and ±20%, with operating temperatures ranging from -55°C to 125°C. ESR values are as low as 40 mΩ. Ripple current values go as high as 2.5 ARMS.

While samples are available immediately, lead times from stock range to six weeks. The TPS Series III tantulum capacitors range in price from $0.50 to $2.50 in 100,000-unit quantities.

AVX Corp.
(843) 946-0414; www.avxcorp.com

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