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Low-Power Rail-to-Rail Amps Boost Bandwidth Sixfold

Low-Power Rail-to-Rail Amps Boost Bandwidth Sixfold

Exar now offers two single/dual op-amp families, each with different levels of supply current, which target applications ranging from industrial (e.g., smart meters, ultrasonic heat meters) to portable instrumentation (e.g., interactive whiteboards). The XR1008/XR2008 amps offer 75-MHz bandwidth while consuming a mere 505 µA. The lower-power XR1009/XR2009 devices deliver 35 MHz at 208 µA. Compared to other comparable amplifiers, the XR1008/XR2008 offer six times the bandwidth while the XR1009/XR2009 have three times the bandwidth, according to the company. All four devices support inputs that extend 300 mV beyond the negative supply voltage, as well as provide rail-to-rail outputs. Slew rates and input-voltage noise for the XR1008/XR2008 are specified at 50 V/µs and 12 nV/√Hz; for the XR1009/XR2009, specs are 27 V/µs and 21 nV/√Hz. They come housed in RoHS-compliant TSOT-5, MSOP-8, and SOIC-8 packages.


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