Low-Power Touch Solution Priced At $1

Low-Power Touch Solution Priced At $1

The Single Side Sensor (SSS) developed by Neonode brings touch functionality to numerous high-volume products at a cost equal to a lottery scratch ticket. It adds touch input to applications such as wearables, low-cost printers, home appliances, toys/games, and gesture-sensing mobile-phone sleeves and accessories—for one dollar. The sensor integrates the company’s NN1001 controller, optics, and a small printed-circuit board, all of which reside on only one side of a display (or any type of surface). As a result, the SSS requires much less hardware than other high-end touch solutions, thus minimizing the bill of materials. It can also be combined with Neonode’s other high-end technologies, such as the Circular Touch for wearables. The sensor will initially support up to 7-in. displays; work is underway to support larger sizes.


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