Electronic Design

Low-Voltage Analog Switches Offer 19-Ω On-Resistance

The ISL5120/21/22/23 low-voltage analog switches boast an on-resistance as as low as 19 Ω, while their switching time is 28 ns for turn-on and 20-ns for turn-off. These 2.7- to 12-V (15-V max) single-supply units are offered as dual-SPST or -SPDT switches in eight-pin SOIC or smaller SOT-23 packages. They provide high off-isolation and crosstalk rejection. At 1 MHz, the off-isolation is greater than 70 dB in 50 Ω, decreasing about 20 dB per decade as frequency increases. In lots of 100, pricing starts at $0.54.

www.intersil.com; (888) 468-3774

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