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Low-Voltage, Long-Life Position Sensors Replace Potentiometers

The LP 750 series hermetically sealed frictionless position sensors now include a line of low-voltage (5 V) dc units for hydraulic cylinder and valve position sensing within off-road vehicles, farm equipment, and construction equipment. The sensors—designed as long-life potentiometer replacements—have no parts that wear out, offering greater performance and reliability than a potentiometer. Because they are constructed entirely of stainless steel and hermetically sealed against hostile environments to IEC standard IP-68, units can operate in harsh and corrosive environments, unlike potentiometers. The LP 750 series comes in standard ranges of 3.75 to 24 in. (95 to 600 mm). A 1-m length will be available soon. The sensors offer a favorable ratio of short sensor body length to sensor range, making them well-suited for long-stroke applications in which sensor length needs to be essentially the same length as the stroke of the device. The new 5-V dc input version features a 0.5- to 4.5-V dc output (LPVR series). Also available are a pre-calibrated, loop-powered 4- to 20-V input/output series (LPIR) and a nominal 24-V dc input, 0- to 10 V dc output series (LPER). MACRO SYSTEMS, Pennsauken, NJ. (856) 662-8000.


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