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Low Voltage Pressure Sensors Go Basic

Low Voltage Pressure Sensors Go Basic

The company’s line of basic low-voltage pressure sensors consists of two product series: the Basic Low Voltage (BLV) Series and the Basic Low Voltage Reference (BLVR) Series. Both are based on proprietary CoBeam2 technology, which helps reduce package stress and significantly improves position sensitivity when compared to similar sensors. The BLV Series device employs a single die technology while the BLVR Series embraces a dual die reference technology to reduce all output offset or common mode errors. Both series are available in 1, 5, 10, 20, and 30 in. H2O pressure ranges. The BLV specifies a 1.8V excitation with 1 mW of power consumption and the BLVR operates at 3.3V excitation with 7 mW of power consumption. ALL SENSORS CORP., Morgan Hill, CA. (408) 225-4314.
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