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Machine Vision Sensor Reads 2-D Matrix And Linear Bar Codes

Designed specifically for reading 2-D matrix and linear bar code on parts, the In-Sight ID Reader is a self-contained, Ethernet-ready machine vision sensor that combines a vision camera with vision-processing technology. The sensor is capable of reading up to 50 codes/s and is said to be able to read poorly-formed, distorted or degraded codes.
In addition to stationary parts, the sensor can read codes with equal reliability on fast, continuously moving parts. As the device reads 2-D codes, it can also provide verification metrics that can be used to monitor how well marking equipment is functioning.
A number of industry-standard code formats are supported, including Data Matrix ECC200, Code 3-of-9, Interleaved 2-of-5, Code 128, UPC/EAN, PostNet and Planet Code. No programming is required and basic code reading applications are set up using pre-configured application templates. With all software pre-installed, the ID Reader is priced at $3,295.

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