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Magnetic Reed Sensors Thrive In Harsh Environments

Constructed to operate in harsh environments as either position or limit switches and as end-motion detectors, the MK21 reed sensors have a thermoset molded plastic case with mounting holes and Teflon-coated wires. Claiming immunity to water, fuels, oils, inks and most acids, these sensors are mounted on a fixed surface with the actuating magnet on the moving surface. Introducing the magnetic field opens and closes the reed switch, thereby signaling the desired event. These compact switches measure 1.126'' by 0.563'' by 0.25'' and come in four magnetic sensitivity classes. Capable of switching up to 400V, they have a contact rating of 10W and current-carrying capability up to 1 A. Depending on quantity and termination requirements, price starts at $1.95 each.


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