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Magnetoresistive Sensor Tracks Fast-Moving Targets

With operating speed of zero to 100 kHz, the 2SS52M Series magnetoresistive position sensors are able to keep up with fast-moving targets. The sensitive plastic sensors contain an advanced IC with wide voltage and temperature capabilities. The sensors are also pin-compatible with the firm’s earlier 2SSP Series sensors for easy transition of existing applications to the upgraded devices.Operation is from a supply range of 3.8 to 30 vdc. The sensors have a digital current-sinking (NPN) output and are omnipolar (operated with either north or south magnetic poles). Temperature range is from -40°C to 150°C. Typical applications include position sensing for material handling equipment, cylinder position sensing in pneumatic cylinders, and digital current sensing. Other uses include positioning of elevators, a lid sensor for laptop computers, a geartooth sensor for industrial or automotive applications, medical instrumentation, and as a high-resolution magnetic encoder.

TAGS: Automotive
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