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Magnetostrictive Sensor Provides Long Stroke Position Measurement

Magnetostrictive Sensor Provides Long Stroke Position Measurement

The MLW Series long stroke linear position sensors provide accurate, absolute position measurement of displacements up to 1.2 meters. Available in ranges of 300 mm (11.8”) to 1,200 mm (39.4”), they are suitable for hydraulic cylinder and actuator feedback applications where the sensor can mount externally or embed into the cylinder or actuator body. Via magnetostrictive technology, the sensor operates by transmitting a current pulse through its tube that reflects off a moveable permanent magnet. The sensor measures the time of flight to determine the position of the magnet on the tube and time-based position measurement translates into an output signal. Powered by 24 Vdc, linearity is less than ±0.25% and repeatability is ±0.01% over the full scale with outputs that include analog voltage, current, and SSI. MACRO SENSORS, Pennsauken, NJ. (856) 662-8000. 

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