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Manual Disconnect Switch Isolates Battery To Maximize Safety

Manual Disconnect Switch Isolates Battery To Maximize Safety

Gigavac-AThe BD9521 sealed manual battery disconnect switch helps ensure battery isolation during maintenance or other downtime situations. Cables needn’t be removed when using GIGAVAC’s double-pole, single-throw (DPST) switch, improving safety when making battery disconnections. The switch handle can be secured in either the on or off position with a customer-provided zip tie or lock to prevent accidental switching, further boosting safety. It fits most land-based battery applications requiring up to 500-A continuous current, including commercial and military vehicles, mining equipment, and other heavy-duty, purpose-built equipment (e.g., machinery for logging). The BD9521 features a low, 150-mV maximum contact voltage drop when in use at continuous voltages to 32 V dc. Nickel-plated M12 studs simplify installation, enabling easy connection for cable lugs.


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