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MC Patch Cords Handle 10-Gbit Ethernet Tasks

Siemon has added a line of 10-Gbit/s main cross-connect (MC) patch cords to its family of network cabling solutions. The RJ45-style cords feature an ultra-slim boot that allows tight side-stackability in high-density patching environments like blade servers. The boot's integrated "cantilevered" latch protection limits snagging when removing cords and lets the latch be operated from farther back on the plug.

The redesigned plug also features an enhanced strain relief boot that ensures proper bend radius while maximizing flexibility and ensuring boot retention. Coupled with a patented cross-pair metallic isolator and 360° crimp, this feature maintains cable pair geometry and eliminates deformation, which improves transmission performance. Unique snap-on color-coding clips can be added or removed while the plug is inserted or disengaged, permitting greater flexibility in patch-field identification and management.

As part of a 10G 6A F/UTP end-to-end channel, the MC cords meet or exceed all 10G BaseT standards, including alien crosstalk parameters. Since the patch cords are also compatible with both T568A and T568B wiring schemes, they accommodate all Ethernet applications. Contact the company for price and availability information.


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