MEMS Accelerometer Integral To New Helmet-Mounted Impact Sensor

MEMS Accelerometer Integral To New Helmet-Mounted Impact Sensor

The just-launched Brain Sentry Impact Sensor, which is mounted on sports-related helmets, integrates STMicroelectronics’ MEMS accelerometer to accurately measure acceleration in all directions produced by collisions. The Brain Sentry sensor monitors head impacts that may cause concussions or other brain injuries. Data collected and reported by the sensor allows coaches, trainers, and doctors to monitor players after every hit, with the goal of identifying players who should receive further evaluation and ultimately reducing the number of sports-related brain injuries. The low-power, high-g, tri-axial accelerometer’s size enabled Brain Sentry to produce a light (1 oz.) compact device that sticks to the back of any helmet. Thanks to the accelerometer’s low power consumption coupled with Brain Sentry’s battery-life management system, the sensor can be sued for a full year without charging.



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