Electronic Design

MEMS Accelerometers Break Size And Power Barriers

The company’s emerging family of MEMS three-axis digital accelerometers claim to retain the market’s smallest footprints with drastically lower current consumption and enhanced functionality. Advancements in accelerometer design have shrunk their footprint down to 2 mm x 2 mm and reduced current consumption below 10 µA at a sampling rate of 100 Hz. They also embed enhanced features including click and double-click recognition, motion-detection/wake-up, and 4D/6D orientation detection. The devices integrate a temperature sensor and three ADC channels for integration with companion chips. Other features include a programmable FIFO and two programmable interrupt signals that enable immediate notification of motion detection, click/double-click events, and other conditions. Samples of three-axis digital accelerometers are available now with mass production starting in the third quarter. Single-unit pricing is below $1 each in volume. STMICROELECTRONICS, Lexington, MA. (888) 787-3550.
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