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MEMS-Based DQI Unit Provides Navigation Control

Designed for unmanned vehicle navigation and control, the DQI IMU series MEMS-based digital quartz inertial (DQI) measurement unit relies on solid-state quartz inertial sensors and the company's GyroChip technology. The technology combines a dual-ended quartz tuning-fork rate sensor and a vibrating quartz accelerometer. In a package measuring 43.2 in.3, the component consumes 17W of power and provides a measurement range of ±1,000°/s (300°/s calibrated) and ±70g (±50g calibrated). Other features include delta theta and delta velocity output at 100 Hz in six axes and an angular-rate output at 600 Hz via RS-422. Weighing 1 kg, the DQI unit can withstand up to 150g of shock and 19g of vibration. Operating temperature range is from -54°C to 71°C. BEI SYSTRON DONNER INERTIAL, Concord, CA. (925) 671-6400.


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