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MEMS Flow Sensors Challenge Differential Pressure Types

Offering an alternative to differential pressure sensors, the D6F-P MEMS flow sensor employs a unique double-cyclone dust segregation system (DSS) that promises accurate results in dusty environments including HVAC/VAV. The DSS diverts dust and other detrimental particles away from the sensing chip. The sensor delivers an amplified, temperature-compensated output signal with, reportedly, high accuracy and repeatability, even at very low flow rates. It measures 17 mm x 22 mm and PCB terminals allow for direct connection to damper-control modules. The component does not require re-calibration and provides both orifices on the same side for connection without kinking the tubes. Other specifications include a +1 SLM, pressure range of 0.84”, and a maximum pressure of 50 kPa with an analog output signal of 0.5 to 2.5 Vdc. Pricing is $47 each each/100. OMRON ELECTRONICS LLC, Schaumburg, IL. (800) 556-6766.


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