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MicroTCA Platform Enables Scalable, Cost-Effective Solutions

MicroTCA Platform Enables Scalable, Cost-Effective Solutions

Introduced as a system-level enhancement for solutions based on the MicroTCA standard, a six-slot chassis emerges as part of the Ensemble 2000 MicroTCA Platform, a standards-based design built around the power, functionality, and scalability of RapidIO, Ethernet, IPMI, AdvancedMC, and MicroTCA standards. Switches are built into the chassis backplane to support both Gigabit Ethernet and a choice of communications fabrics including RapidIO, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and PCI Express. The backplane also integrates system manager functionality, eliminating the need for a separate MCH module and allowing all slots to be configured with AMCs. The chassis is also appropriate for a wide range of system sizes with multi-chassis scalability built into the design. It supports mechanical stacking in a 19” rack and the base interface, fabric interface, and clock can all be daisy-chained across multiple chassis. MERCURY COMPUTER SYSTEMS INC., Chelmsford, MA. (866) 627-6951.


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