MicroTCA.4 Chassis Integrates Rear I/O Options

MicroTCA.4 Chassis Integrates Rear I/O Options

To satisfy high-energy physics and other applications that require rear I/O, VadaTech developed an 8U MicroTCA.4 chassis. Full redundancy includes dual fan trays, dual MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH) slots, and quad Power Module (PM) slots. Its lightweight aluminum construction features cable ducts below the card cage. Thus, the cables can be easily protected and routed to the rear of the VT811 chassis. Teflon strips on the fan trays make for smoother, easier insertion/extraction. The trays are arranged with 16 two-inch fans each above and below the card cage in a push-pull configuration. A 30-layer impedance-controlled backplane has slots for 12 double-wide AMC modules in the mid-size, plus two MCHs and four PMs. The rear of the enclosure allows for the insertion of 12 double-wide rear transition modules (RTMs). Also included are a radial I2C bus to each AMC, an integrated and pluggable JTAG switch module (JSM), and telco alarm.


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