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Microwave Cable Delivers Low Attenuation

A new microwave cable is reported as delivering the lowest attenuation in the industry. The SLA series is specifically matched to the maximum frequency ranges of popular connectors such as N type, SMA, 2.92 mm, and 1.85 mm. This low loss double-shielded cable builds off technology developed for the company’s LA290 cable, achieving a combination of low attenuation and phase stability. The SLA series is suited for instrument grade applications such a PNA/VNA testing and phase critical applications such as ECM and radar. Low attenuation is accomplished with the use of silver-plated inner and outer conductors and microporous dielectric PTFE material. Low loss, phase stability and shielding effectiveness of greater than 100 dB result from combining a helically-served flat braid with a second shield of 97% minimum coverage round braid. Additional characteristics include a loss of 19.5 dB/100’ at 18.0 GHz. Made-to-order cable assemblies are available with a wide range of connectors and configurations. Pricing ranges from $3.89/ft. to $13.26/ft. SEMFLEX INC., Mesa, AZ. (800) 778-4401.


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