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Microwave Cables Exhibit Low Attenuation

Touting the lowest attenuation available among industry cable offerings, the SLA series microwave cables match the maximum frequency ranges of standard connectors including N type, SMA, 2.92 mm, and 1.85 mm. Low attenuation is said to be the result of using silver-plated inner and outer conductors and a micro-porous, PTFE dielectric material. By combining a helically-served flat braid with a second, 97% minimum coverage round braid, the cables exhibit a phase stability and shielding effectiveness of less than 100 dB. Additional characteristics include a loss of 19.5 dB over a distance of 100? at 18 GHz with reliable phase and temperature stability. Pricing ranges from $3.89 to $13.26/ft. depending on size and quantity. SEMFLEX INC., Mesa, AZ. (800) 778-4401.


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