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Military Switch Resists Shock, Vibration

The Detent-Action military switch complies with military specifications for high-shock, high-vibration environments. Touting a shockproof and virtually bounce proof design, this maintenance-free rotary multipole and selector switch has double-sided, double-wiping, self-cleaning, spring-wiper blades that close on both sides of the terminal. Available in a large selection of electrical ratings, the heavy-duty switch permits a variety of specialized configurations. It can combine multiple decks in a single switch, and each deck can contain multiple contacts. Standard models are available with up to 25 sections, up to 75 poles, and up to 16 positions. The steel stop plate assembly of each switch includes a stop arm that is connected to the shaft and a plate with tapped holes. Stop screws can be inserted into the holes to limit the positions and locations. Prices start at $185. ELECTROSWITCH, Weymouth, MA. (781) 335-5200.


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