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Mini HD IP Camera Enables H.264 Compression

Mini HD IP Camera Enables H.264 Compression

The Model 3011 Miniature HD IP camera from Sensoray fits in a 2.25 x 2.00 x 1.20 in. enclosure (including the lens). It is capable of providing an H.264 compressed stream at standard HD resolution (1080p30) or multiple streams at lower resolution. Video and outputs are compressed as elementary, transport, or RTSP streams.  Two output streams with different resolutions and bitrates are available. The camera is capable of JPEG compression for resolutions up to the maximum (4192x3104). Model 3011 can render 13-Mpixel JPEGs at 5 frames per second with image stabilization and a focus range of 100 mm to infinity. A Sony CMOS high-sensitivity color sensor enables consistent image quality and dynamic text overlay is programmable up to 160 characters. It consumes less than 3 W using either a POE option or an external 5-V dc power supply. A web interface allows for configuration and control.


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