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Mini Latching DC Solenoid Touts Hold-Without-Power Mechanism

The model SC0323L is a new pull-type magnetic latching solenoid with a "zero power to hold" mechanism. It is targeted for use in products requiring linear actuation and continual hold with the absence of electrical power. Maximum force is rated at 4.5 oz at a 0.05" stroke and a 10% duty cycle. Magnetic latching solenoids differ from conventional solenoids because they have a permanent magnet in their core to polarize the unit. When connected in "pull-in" mode, force generated by the coil polarity adds to force in the polarized core, making the plunger pull in. When connected in the "release" mode, coil polarity opposes the polarized core, letting the load or spring release the plunger. Typical applications include medical instrumentation, power management devices, computer peripherals, and security applications. Pricing is $2.50 each in OEM quantities. BICRON ELECTRONICS CO., Canaan, CT. (860) 824-5125.


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