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Mini OCXOs Deliver High Stability In Standard CO-8 Footprint

Said to rival rubidium clock performance, the new 270 series double oven OCXO drops into a standard European CO-08 footprint and is available with an output frequency between 4.8 MHz to 90 MHz. Utilizing a full-size TO-8 quartz resonator, the device performs to the stability required for Stratum II and IIIe, GPS, and TDMA PCS applications.
Specifications include: thermal stability performance of 2.0E-10 to 5.0E-09 over a -30°C to +70°C ambient temperature range; steady-state power consumption of 1.7W from a nominal 12 Vdc supply at 25°C ambient; warm-up power of 5.5W typical; and frequency stability of 5E-09 after approximately 10 minutes. Housed in a hermetically sealed 1.423" x 1.071" x 0.765" package, the units occupy less than 1/5 the volume of small high-stability frequency references currently available in the standard 2.0" x 2.0" x 1.5" package.


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