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Mini Pluto-Based TCXOs Boasts Of High Stability-Per-Unit Volume Spec

The CFPT-9000 miniature temperature-compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs) offer up to Stratum 3 stability for SDH/SONET telecommunications systems and meets the needs of next-generation mobile communications devices. The oscillators are said to offer excellent stability-per-unit-volume: better than (0.3 ppm over a 0¡C to 50¡C temperature range from a low-temperature cofired ceramic-based surface-mount device measuring just 7 x 5 x 2 mm. Stratum 3 stability-within (0.28 ppm-is possible for output frequencies up to 20 MHz-standard frequencies include 12.8, 13, 16.384, 16.8 and 19.44 MHz, although others can be specified. Frequencies up to 40 MHz are available at lower stabilities. Wide operating temperature ranges can also be specified at stabilities from (0.5 ppm. Highly linear frequency adjustment via an external control voltage is custom definable from (5 to (40 ppm. The oscillators operate from power supplies down to 2.4V and offer HCMOS or sinewave output with tristate option. Price ranges from $10 to $100 each, according to specs and quantity. C-MAC MICROTECHNOLOGY, Durham, NC. (919) 941-0430.


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