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Mini Switches Are Process Sealed

A new process sealed, miniature pushbutton switch has been designed with an interior o-ring surrounding the actuator within the bushing. The M2B switch is formed with ultrasonic welding of the bushing and housing unit to seal out contaminants, saving time and money on wave soldering and washing. Constructed in a single unit, the bushing and the top of the housing add protection from cleaning fluids or other liquids. Terminals are epoxy sealed to lock out contaminants such as flux and solvents. The switch also includes an anti-jamming feature, protecting the switch contact mechanism from damage due to excessive actuation force. All bracketed models have crimped legs to insure secure PCB mounting, and to prevent dislodging the switch during the automated processes. The contact mechanism is snap acting, giving the switch positive actuation, short travel, light touch, smooth feel and audible feedback. This mechanism gives the switch an electrical life rating of 25,000 operations minimum for silver contacts and 100,000 operations minimum for gold contacts. Single- or double-pole, double-throw momentary circuits can be specified for the M2B series. Users have a choice of two different plunger lengths and four cap diameters in various colors. This device is available in straight PC, straight PC with support bracket, right angle and vertical mount terminals. Power models are rated 1A at 125 Vac or 1A at 30 Vdc; logic level models are rated 0.4 VA maximum at 28V ac/dc maximum. NKK SWITCHES, Scottsdale, AZ. (480) 991-0942.


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