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Mini Transducer Measures Static/Dynamic Pressure

Effective in ranges from 15 psia to 500 psia, the model 8544 transducer performs at temperatures up to 350¡F, with limited operation to 400¡F. It is a piezoresistive pressure transducer, said to be ideal for measuring skin pressure on aircraft, inlet distortion pressures in turbine engines, or transmission pressures in automobiles. At 22.9 mm long, excluding integral cable, the sensor has a 3.86-mm face diameter. It can withstand shocks up to 10,000 g and acceleration up to 1,000 g. Internal sensitivity compensation and zero trim provide accuracy to 350¡F. The transducer also exhibits low photoflash sensitivity and high stability during temperature transients. ENDEVCO, San Juan Capistrano, CA. (949) 493-8181.

Company: ENDEVCO

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Mobile
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