Miniature Axial Fans Rated Up To 5.50 CFM

product pic

Two new dc brushless axial fans have been built in a miniature design. The USTF3010 Series measures 1.182" square x 0.39" thick and the USTF3510 series is 1.38" square x 0.39" thick. Both models have efficient solid-state dc motors, precision ball bearings, and low EMI/RFI emission. They both come in 5 Vdc and 12 Vdc, with a choice of three performance operating speeds. Maximum airflow is rated at 3.53 CFM for the USTF3010 Series, and 5.50 CFM for the USTF3510 Series. Both fans have UL, CSA and VDE approvals. U.S. TOYO FAN CORP., San Gabriel, CA. (626) 287-5297.

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