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Miniature BNC Boosts Density

Reducing size while increasing density, the UCBJR250-N miniature, pcb-mounted right-angle bulkhead BNC jack is the latest addition to the 250 M-BNC series. The jack boasts of a 40% increase in connector density and is suitable for high-reliability data rate and/or high-frequency applications. Matched to telco industry-standard BNC installation tools, the connector does not require re-tooling or training. The 250 series also includes straight and right angle plugs, bulkhead cable jacks, and straight PCB-mounted jacks. And they are available in nickel and gold plating. Optional features include enclosed beryllium copper spring fingers, 0.000050" thick gold plated beryllium copper center contacts with a plating weep hole, a nail head feature with tapered lead-in, and positive tactile feedback. The UCBJR250-N is priced at $5.27 each/100. TROMPETER ELECTRONICS, Westlake Village, CA. (800) 982-2629.


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