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Miniature Industrial Relays Stand Only 29-mm High

The Schrack-relay PT electromechanical relays measure only 29 mm in height and come with two, three, or four changeover contacts capable of switching currents of 12A (two pole), 10A (three pole), or 6A (four pole), respectively. Each relay is available with either an ac or dc coil.The two-pole relay rated a 12A is claimed to be the most powerful in its class. The three-pole 10A relay conforms to to C250 and VDE0110 requirements. And the four-pole 6A relay is claimed to deliver 28% more power than conventional relays.A unique magnet system results in lower coil consumption. Power draw is up to 750 mW thereby reducing temperature within the switching cabainet. The relay is supplied in easily recycable carton bar packs.

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