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Miniature Pressure Sensor Eliminates Zero Shifts

Miniature Pressure Sensor Eliminates Zero Shifts

Miniature pressure sensor eliminates zero shifts caused by installation torque in static and dynamic applications.

The rugged XP5 from Measurement Specialties is a miniature pressure sensor that utilizes SanShift technology to eliminate zero shifts caused by installation torque. Designed for use in environments involving measurements in corrosive liquids and gases, as found in automotive, military and aerospace applications, as well as for rugged onboard equipment monitoring, the pressure sensor features a body and flush diaphragm constructed of titanium and is laser welded for increased durability. A temperature-compensated Wheatstone bridge with high stability micro-machined silicon strain gauges makes up the core sensing technology, enabling the selection of various levels depending upon available options. The device can be used in both static and dynamic applications, and is available in absolute, sealed and gauge configurations from 1 bar to 70 bar, with a sealed format available up to 350 bar. Linearity is ±0.5% FSO for the lower ranges and to ±0.25% FSO from 5 bar to 350 bar. Frequency response in a non-amplified XP5 ranges from 108 kHz to 700 kHz. The IP50-rated XP5 miniature pressure sensor conforms to EN 61010-1, EN 50081-1 and EN 50082-1.


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