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Miniature Prox Sensor Offers Expanded Operating Range

Measuring just 1.3'' x 0.3'' x 0.75'', the SM300FP miniature ultrasonic proximity sensor can detect materials at distances of 0.25'' to 4'', reportedly up to 12 times farther than many standard prox sensors. At these distances, the SM300FP remains out of harm’s way, saving the cost of periodically replacing a damaged sensor. Typical metal inductive sensors function at distances of less than 0.35'', which requires them to almost touch the object being detected. The 12 to 24 Vdc sensors on the SM300FP can be either field or factory programmed. By combining the field programmable sensor with configuration software and a configuration interface (Model AC441), the user has window setting capability. Also, the sensor can be programmed and reprogrammed in the field on-the-fly until the program is precisely configured to the application. Tamper-proof versions of the sensors are also available, with the fixed field units having a sensing range of 2'' or 4''. The SM300FP “install-and-forget” ultrasonic sensors need no adjustments to compensate for the different materials detected. Changing colors, light conditions and distances also require no adjustments. The sensor is NEMA 4X and IP67 rated and CE certified. HYDE PARK ELECTRONICS INC., Dayton, OH. (937) 252-2121.


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