Electronic Design

Miniature RTD Suits High-Accuracy Applications

The Ni1000Si is a nickel thin-film resistance temperature detector (RTD) that is suitable for use in contact sensing. It complies with the former DIN 43760 standard, and is useful for temperature sensing, control and compensation, general instrumentation, and remote sensing. The devices are manufactured by PVD deposition on a silicon substrate. The thin-film structure is covered by a passivation layer for environmental protection and enhanced stability. This allows the production of miniature, low-cost, high-precision temperature sensors. The Ni1000Si operates within a wide temperature range of -55°C to 160°C, with low power consumption. The device features a large temperature coefficient of resistance (6178 ppm/°K from 0°C to 100°C) and good linearity between resistance and temperature (R versus T). MEASUREMENT SPECIALTIES INC., Dayton, OH. (800) 745-8008.



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