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Miniature Ultrasonic Sensors Have Small Blind Range

A family of miniature ultrasonic sensors boasts of a sensing range of 100 mm with a blind range as small as 10 mm. The sensors’ tubular enclosure measures 12 mm x 1mm x 70 mm, while a rectangular housing for the unit measures 15 mm x 20 mm x 49 mm. For space-restricted applications, the external Teach-in capability allows for remote adjustment of the switching point and eliminates the need for direct access to the sensor housing. These ultrasonic sensors have a narrow sonic beam angle of 6_, so they can sense objects through tight openings, such as bottlenecks, test tubes or ampoules. With a 10-ms reaction time, the sensors aim to detect the fastest movements of objects on a manufacturing line. All sensors are sealed to IP67. BAUMER ELECTRIC, Southington, CT. (800) 937-9336.


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