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Models Help Predict Air Filter Pressure Drop

Quick and accurate prediction of the drop in pressure of cooling air passing through the firm's filters is now possible with Flotherm v2.2 software. Developed and marketed by Flomerics, the thermal analysis software package allows these calculations to be made by means of the calibrated thermal model libraries it contains of the company's air filters. The filters are used to remove dust and other potential contaminates from the ambient air circulated by fans in an enclosure to keep its contents from overheating.
The pressure drop calculations are used to customize the air filters to the precise needs of the enclosure's cooling system, with filter prototypes said to be routinely produced and shipped to customers within five working days. The made-to-spec filters can be used to keep telecomm and other heat-sensitive electronic equipment running cool where Telcordia NEBS and CE compliance are required. The libraries are downloadable from Flomerics's web site (


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