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Modular Enclosures Sport Trim Dimensions

Modular Enclosures Sport Trim Dimensions

Suiting a wide range of applications including medical, communications, industrial, test and measurement, and military/aerospace, the MiniBox 34 family of enclosures feature a compact, modular design and a simple construction. Grooves on the inside of the top, bottom, and sidewalls of the enclosure allow PCBs to be directly inserted in various heights inside the enclosure. An optional vertical divider plate has grooves on both sides allowing PCBs to be inserted on each side of the enclosure. Additionally, the plate can be inserted in the middle of the enclosure or in various spots, allowing PCBs of different widths to be plugged without special hardware mounting. Other features include an adjustable handle that fixes in multiple angles, foot strips for the bottom of the case, and various color and customization options. ELMA ELECTRONIC INC., Fremont, CA. (510) 656-3400.


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