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Module Alerts Users with Visual & Audio Warning Signals

The AV1 module provides a synchronized audible and visual output for a variety of commercial signaling/warning applications. Features of the 5.76" (D) x 6.48" (H) module include a Fresnel lens/incandescent bulb that sits atop a durable polycarbonate housing having a NEMA 3R rating, a choice of five lens colors (amber, blue, green, red, and clear), an internal buzzer producing 85 dB output at 10 feet (95 dB at 1 foot), and three mounting configurations (flat surface-mount, half-inch NPT pipe mount, and a configuration for use with a 4" octagonal electrical box). The lens is gasketed to provide a rain-tight seal. Flash and sound rate is factory set to repeat 75 times per minute. The user can supply power via two color coded external leads, or directly to a terminal block located in the base of the unit (either 24 vdc at 0.98A or 120 vac at 0.27A).

Company: FEDERAL SIGNAL CORP. - Emergency Products Division

Product URL: Click here for more information

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