Electronic Design

Module Protects Circuits From 0.1 To 16 A Up To 250 V AC

A single component combining the functions of overload protection, power inlet, and on/off switch, the 3130 inlet module is available in current ratings from 0.1 to 16 A up to 250 V ac. Interrupt capacity measures 3500 A at 250 V ac. Installation of the single snap-in module is three times faster than the installation of three separate components. Using the 3130, designers can slash parts counts and shrink installation time by 66% while protecting against short circuits and overload conditions. The two-pole thermal circuit breaker includes an ergonomically styled rocker actuator available in a range of colors. Optional rocker illumination indicates if the circuit power is on. With outer frame dimensions of 1.18 by 2.56 in., the unit fits into a panel cutout of 1.08 by 2.32 in. with a 0.98-in. thickness. The 3130 inlet module costs about $10 each in volume.

E-T-A Circuit Breakers
www.etacbe.com; (847) 827-7600

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