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Modules Protect POTS Lines

Surge and over-voltage protection of analog, plain- old-telephone-system (POTS) lines is the forte of the Teletrab series. The products protect two- or four-line interfaces and are compatible with dial-up modems, fax lines, PBX equipment, and so forth. Guarding phone lines from surge voltages while safely passing ring voltages, the protection circuits provide a fast voltage-clamping suppressor diode line-to-line (normal mode) between tip and ring on each signal pair. Meanwhile, a high-powered gas tube guards each line-to-ground (common mode), thereby providing complete surge protection, even from lightning-induced events. The Teletrab series comes in a DIN-rail mount version suitable for RTU and SCADA modem applications and in an in-line package for quick installation onto the back of PBX or office equipment. Call for pricing. PHOENIX CONTACT INC., Harrisburg, PA. (800) 322-3225


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