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Mounting Accessory Ups Packing Density

Promoted as a revolutionary mounting accessory for intrinsic safety barriers and other DIN-rail devices, the KF-ExDuct promises to increase packing density by 50%. The component is usable in both hazardous and non-hazardous applications and includes color-coded wiring duct covers. It is capable of mounting up to 90 barriers along a 1.8m length for large installations or it can be cut to size for smaller systems. Unlike typical mounting methods requiring numerous wire ways and cable trunks, an aluminum extrusion integrates a cable duct that allows system and field cables to be routed directly below the barriers with isolation between. To further reduce wiring, power can be applied to the barriers with the company’s Power Rail that snaps into the trough of a standard 35 mm DIN rail, which is pre-molded into the KF-ExDuct. PEPPERL+FUCHS, Twinsburg, OH. (330) 486-0002.


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