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Multi-Function Power Entry Module Occupies Only 2" x 1" Panel Space

The new KM/KMF keeps pace with the ever-increasing demand for smaller power entry modules by integrating five functions in a 2" x 1" package. The unit contains an AC power inlet, 1- or 2-pole on/off switch, and 1- or 2-pole fuseholder. It can be fitted with EMC options, such as ground shield and RFI filter. The metal ground shield has multiple contact points at the panel and is tied to the ground terminal for optimal EMC grounding to the chassis. The shield and RFI filter provide conducted and radiated attenuation in >30 MHz applications. Filters are available in both standard and medical versions for up to 10A at 250V. The fuseholder is panel accessible and accepts one or two 5x20 mm fuses and is shock-safe according to EN/IEC 60127-6, PC2. Fuses are available in fast-acting and time delay, high and low breaking according to EN/IEC 127-2, and can be supplied pre-loaded in the modules. The unit is fully pre-wired and comes with a back cover. It pops into the panel and is secured with four independent snap arms for 1.5-mm panel (other variations on request). Switch and ground terminals are 0.187" quick-connect types. Typical applications include office, medical, computer and telecom equipment. Pricing for the KM starts at under $6.00 and carries cUL and VDE approvals.


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